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Bull, Jessica MS Principal
Foreman, Bonnie Counselor
Hopkins, Lea Ann MS Administrative Assistant

Bailey, Melissa 6th ELAR
Berend, Quentin Special Education, 6th PE
Berend, Rebecca 7th Math
Bull, Jessica MS Principal
Cruse, Christina 7th Reading and Writing
Epperson, Melinda Special Education
Grgurich, Marcus 8th US History
Hall, Jennifer 7th/8th Science
Hamilton, Kaysi Gifted and Talented
Johnson, Jay 7th Texas History
Johnson, KaTina 8th Reading and Writing
Johnson, Linda 6 Science; 6 Exploratory
Josh, McDaniel Band Director
Mathews, Tammy 6th Math
Mitchell, Jamie 6-8 Dyslexia
Rhine, Laura 6 Social Studies; 6th Exploratory
Rose, Kandi 8 Algebra 1
Sackett, Sharon 6-8 Art, 7-8 Outdoor Adventures
Southall, Spencer Band Director; 6-8 Band
Wheeler, Michael 8th PreAlgebra

Lowrance, Terra Resource Aide
Mancil, Debbie Cafeteria Staff
Mattix, Elana Resource Aide
McDaniel, Susan Cafeteria Staff
Palmer, Isela Nurse
Sharp, Kaye Librarian
Vidal, Jorden Resource Aide