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Bull, Jessica MS Principal
Foreman, Bonnie Counselor
Hopkins, Lea Ann MS Administrative Assistant

Alexander, Jeff 8 Social Studies; Counseling, Athletics
Alexander, Stacey 7/8 Reading; 7/8 Rtl Elective; Student Council Sponsor
Bailey, Melissa 7th / 8th ELA-Writing
Barnes, Michael Girls Athletics, 6 Physical Education
Bickers, Scott 7-8 SCIENCE
Bull, Jessica MS Principal
Epperson, Melinda Alvord Middle School
Hamilton, Kaysi 6 MATH; 6 RtI Elective; 6-7-8 Challenges of the Minds
Hicks, Donnette 7th Math; 7 Rtl Elective; 8-9 Financial LIT elective
Jackson, Chasen 7-8 Girls Athletics
Johnson, Linda 6 Science; 6 Exploratory Elective; 7-8 Health
Kline, Aaron Assistant Band Director; 6-8 Band
Marth, Halee Athletics, 8 Math, Leadership Elective
Mitchell, Jamie 6-8 Dyslexia
Peart, Wesley Band Director; 6-8 Band
Rhine, Laura 6-7 Social Studies
Sackett, Sharon 8 Principals of Agriculture Elective
Watkins, Lisa 6 ELAR; 6 Rtl; 6-7-8 Art
Watson, Shelbi PE/Head Softball Coach
Woodruff, Karen 8 Algebra 1

Cordova, Lacee Special Education Aide
Hardee, Michele Special Education Aide
Mancil, Debbie Cafeteria Staff
McDaniel, Jo Special Education Aide
McDaniel, Susan Cafeteria Staff
Palmer, Isela Nurse
Sharp, Kaye Librarian
Warren, Michelle Special Education Aide